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Watch Nothing to Hide (AKA : Le jeu) (2018) Online In HD

Le Jeu
Image Nothing to Hide (AKA : Le jeu) (2018)

Watch Nothing to Hide (AKA : Le jeu) (2018) Online

To spice up a dinner party, old friends agree to share every private message that pops up on their phones — with disastrous results.

Nothing to Hide (FrenchLe Jeu French pronunciation: ​[lə ʒø]) is a 2018 French dramatic comedy film directed by Fred Cavayé, adapted from the 2016 Italian film Perfect Strangers by Paolo Genovese.

A group of old friends and their partners meet up one evening for a dinner party hosted by Marie and Vincent. A rare lunar eclipse is also expected to occur on the same evening. At the dinner table, after hearing of Ben’s questionably humorous story of a woman who found out about her husband’s extramarital affairs only upon his death at the hospital after looking through the messages on his unlocked mobile phone, the group then starts discussing their phone lock settings and sharing information on their phones with their partners. To spice up the dinner, Marie then suggests a game where everyone surrenders their phones to the centre of the table and any messages, emails, or calls received on anyone’s phone would have to be shared with everyone else. As the game progresses, more secrets begin to unravel, putting doubts on their friendships and marriages.

Director: Fred Cavayé Writers: Fred Cavayé (adaptation), Fred Cavayé (dialogue) | 5 more credits » Stars: Bérénice Bejo, Suzanne Clément, Stéphane De Groodt | See full cast & crew »

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1h 30m 2018

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